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Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Napoleon Hill
We embarked this journey 5 years ago with the motto of making fun games for people. After exploring many projects over the years, children and word games have become the core focus of our game lab. Today, FunLab is one of the most well-known gaming studios within Turkey and it is the creator of famous word game 'Kelime Gezmece' which ranked #1 in stores for weeks.
In Funlab Mobile, We believe success lies on working hard and keep trying. While you are reading this, we will be working on some new projects that will make the gaming world a better place. Keep following us!

Join our team

Amazing Team

Be part of a great start up team in a cozy and respectful environment. All members of our team are best professionals in their area of expertise.

Learning & Development

Learn latest technologies and developments in mobile gaming. Developing your skills and learning new tools is always encouraged in here.

Have an Impact

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your work is reaching millions of people from every corner of the globe and being part of their life.

Flexible Working

Remote working and flexible working hours. You can work anywhere in the world anytime you wish.


We believe best talent deserves the best and just free minds do great things. You will have no such worries in Funlab Team.


Join top conferences in your area, meet the best professionals and have an opportunity to explore the greatest places in world!

What people say?

So much fun!!! Great design and word play, great graphics. Makes you feel like you are travelling to far away places, from your phone. Loves it!!! 😊 💜 🤗

L. Beckstrom, Word City.

What people say?

Really happy with this this really entertains my little boy it calms him down when he has his tantrums he's learning so well and so quickly with doing the puzzles he even prefers to do the hard puzzles over the easy ones and hes only two he gets so excited each time he completes a puzzle it really helps with hes socialising and form of communication with him barely saying any words yet brilliant app

C. Spriggs, Animals Puzzle.

What people say?

Soooooooo addicting. nice I can put it down & the game saves or I'd never put it down.

B. Stemkoski, 248.

Our Games

Funlab Mobile games were downloaded millions of times by players all over the world and we are happy to reach thousands of people each day. As being one of the top mobile game developers we are always trying to achive the best. Discover some of the games from our portfolio.


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